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Atec Casey Pro 3G Baseball, 110V

Atec Casey Pro 3G Baseball, 110V
Atec Casey Pro 3G Baseball, 110V
Merk: Atec
Model: 336.031
Prijs: €2.000,00 €1.650,00
Excl. BTW: €1.363,64

Please note that this machine operates on American voltage (110V).  You will need a professional adapter to make it work in Europe.  That is why it has discounted price.

  • 360° left-right rotation and 120° of vertical pivot;
  • Dual concave wheel design for maximum ball control;
  • Position indicators index pitch locations and changes;
  • Recovery Time: 8 secs;
  • Machine Weight: 110 lbs.;          
  • Speed Range: 30-100 mph
  • To be used with Covee/Diamond R-1 Dimple balls.


When it comes to accuracy and consistency with power, no machine in the ATEC lineup is better suited than the Casey Pro 3G. The 3G has the ability to throw every type of pitch for BP, accurately to each segment of the strike zone. The micro-adjustment system allows you to lock-in the 3G right over the plate, and then move the pitch all over the strike zone with the micro-adjusters. You can work on sliders down and in to your lefties, and then show them back door sliders, all with the micro-adjusters. And packed with power up to 100 mph, the 3G gives you the ability to "train up to play down", meaning it will make your opponent's #1 look like #4 or #5. This machine will give your players faster than normal game speeds making actual games seem slower and easier. The accuracy and consistency of the Pro also make it the top defensive training machine. Packed with enough power for any top-level team, the 3G can do wall drills with each outfielder and then in turn complete a full infield practice. No machine is more accurate and more consistent than the Casey Pro 3G.