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The Making of Covee/Diamond Balls


Ooit afgevraagd hoe Honkballen & Softballen worden gemaakt?
Onderstaand een aantal exclusieve foto's en video's uit de fabriek waar onze Covee/Diamond ballen worden gemaakt.  
Het is één van de weinige fabrieken ter wereld waar top-kwaliteit honk- en softballen worden geproduceerd.  
O.a. Wilson ballen worden ook in deze fabriek gemaakt.
Veel Wilson & Covee/Diamond ballen hebben dezelfde specificaties en worden gemaakt van dezelfde materialen.

  1-1. Leather cutting

1-2. Leather Skiving to make sure the thickness of all the cut panels are consistent
1-3. Cut Panel Inspection & Gading for different grades of balls 1-4. Taking Weight of Each Pair of cut Panels 2-1. Cushion Cork Core Winding
2-2. Wool Yarn Winding

2-3. Reinforced winding and finishing winding to hold the wound wool yarn cores 2-4. Taking weight of wound cores to make sure the core weight falls in required range
2-5. Taking measurement of wound cores to make sure the core weight falls in the required range

3-1. Gluing cut panels onto wound cores


3-2. Taking weight of pre-sewn balls to make sure of the ball weight falls In the right weight range

3-3. Taking measurement of pre-sewn balls to make sure the ball size falls in the right size range

4-1. Ball sewing (1)


4-2. Ball sewing (2)


5-1. Ball Cleaning after sewing

5-2. All balls are rolled to make the seams smooth


5-3. Taking weight of finished balls to make sure of the ball weight falls in standard weight range

5-4. Taking measurement of finished balls to make sure of the ball falls in standard size range 5-5. Ironing finished balls to make the surface smooth
5-6. Inspection on all trimmed balls

6-1. Final inspection before printing & packing 6-2. Printing
6-3. Packing

Environmental control cabinet:

For humidity and temperature conditioning on cores and balls before COR & Durability tests.



Computer monitored universal material tester:

For measuring compression of balls and cores. Also for tensile tests on threads, cotton yarns, wool yarns and tear tests on cover materials.

COR and durability testing equipments:

For the measurement of COR of balls, cores and to test the durability of balls and cores.

Burst testing machine:

To test the strength of cover materials and paper packing materials like shipping carton, etc.

Abrasion test machine:

To test the abrasive strength of all kinds of cover materials.

Drop hammer machine:

To test the durability of solid cork cores and PU cores by a dropping hammer of 12 lbs.

Final Result:
Covee/Diamond CD-1010NL
Final Result:
Covee/Diamond CD-500FP