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Covee Sports is official European distributor for Axis Bats.
Axis bats are widely used in the Major League.  Players using Axis bats include David Ortiz, Bryce Harper, Mike Cameron, Eduardo Nunez, and many more.
All Axis bats are made of professional grade and ink-dotted pro-certified maple wood.
Axis - a line about which the object is symmetric. The definition of the word is where Axis started when making their bats. Handcrafted precision results in a bat that is perfectly symmetrical and perfectly balanced. Axis engineers their bats exclusively for professional players using only sonic-tested and weight-balanced split wood billets. Split wood outperforms cut wood because slope of the grain deficiencies are eliminated and therefore bat breakage is reduced. Then, by applying proprietary technology, Axis assures a strong, balanced design that will give players maximum impact, GUARANTEED. Their proprietary process is known as Ek-Technology, or Ek-Tech for short, and it's the driving force behind what makes a premium quality Axis bat. Ek-Tech is a rotational process where the billets are aligned to rotate on their most perfect axis, while maintaining the natural integrity of the wood and without distressing the organic orientation of the grain. This gives Axis bats strength and balance like you've never experienced. Climate controlled storage and moisture preventive packaging ensure optimum density in the wood that creates a truly solid bat. Axis: Bat Technology Perfected.

Axis AXI13:
Its large barrel and precise balance make it one of the most ordered bats at the MLB level as well as MiLB.
It has been time tested and every year is one of the most used models.

I13 model:
15/16" Handle.
Large Barrel.
15/16" Flared knob.
  • Approximate -2 Length to Weight Ratio.
    Climate Controlled Storage and Moisture Preventive Packaging.
    Excellent Strength and Durability.
    Made From Sonic Tested Split Wood Billets.
    Maple Wood.
    Perfectly Balanced Design.
    Pro Cupped End.
    Proprietary Ek-Technology.
    Tapered Barrel Design.
    Turn Model: I13.