Merk: Mizuno
Model: 302.609
Excl. BTW: €90,91

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These bats were designed to perform at baseballs highest level of play and with serious performance. The design provides a balanced bat design for maximum swing speed. This bat was hand selected in Japan from top quality hard maple and uses Mizunos exclusive microwave drying process to maximize consistency and performance. They utilize proprietary, double-dipped grain sealant for superior strength and moisture control. The bat also features a cupped end making it lighter for quicker and more powerful swings. Elite professional sluggers rely heavily on Mizuno wood bats for the ultimate in power, performance and consistency.

Features: Approximate -2 Length to Weight ratio
Cupped for balanced swing weight

There is no warranty on any kind of wood bat. Gray Finish
Superior strength and moisture control
Hard Maple Wood
Hand selected
Superior strength and moisture control
Used by Major League Players