Major League Twill: This is the same material as the logos on the official Major League jerseys. This is the most deluxe way for printing. Logos are stitched.  For text, logos, and numbers on jerseys and jackets.
Pro Flock: Printed directly onto jerseys and caps. Very high quality.  Also very good for small logos.
Flex Film: This material melts itself into the fabric and will therefore never come off again.  That is why we give a life-time warranty on this material!  For printing text, logos, and numbers on jackets, jerseys, and sweaters.
Screen Print: Ink that is printed directly on items like T-shirts, bags, balls, bats etc.
Numbers: Standard numbers are done in Varsity, 20cm.  Prices are per complete number, so #28 is a complete number.
max. 15x8cm

€ 16,00
Fully embroidered badge
+/- 10x10cm
€ 13,50
+/- 12x6cm
€ 10,00
Please email your logo to for an exact price.
Square logo, fully embroidered
+/- 7x7cm
€ 8,50 euro
+/- 7x2cm

€ 6,50