Merk: Easton
Model: 306.708
Excl. BTW: €86,78

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IJshockey-stijl helm/masker.
Lichtgewicht. 30% meer zicht t.o.v. ouderwets masker.

Easton’s® new Gametime™ catcher’s helmet features a solid gloss ABS plastic shell with strategically placed vents for increased airflow, and a steel cage redesigned to give players maximum visibility behind the plate.
The comfort stacked foam on the inside of the helmet features a BioDri™ moisture control fabric liner, and the ergonomic chin cup design provides a better fit and allows for improved player communication.
The Gametime™ catcher’s helmet features an extra wide rear top strap for secure locked-in adjustment for a better fit, and meets the NOCSAE™ standard for all levels of play. 

Easton Catcherhelmen:
Large: petmaat 7 - 77/8 (55,8cm - 62,81cm)
Small: petmaat 61/8 - 7 (48,8cm - 55,8cm)