Merk: Easton
Model: 304.326
€50,00 €98,00
Excl. BTW: €41,32

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The Easton SV2B is made with Eastons IMX Composite Handle and V12 Scandium Alloy Barrel.
The lightweight -11.5 length to weight ratio gives hitters great bat speed and combined the two piece construction gives hitters excellent performance.
The SV2B has a Hitting Surface Rating of 90, giving it a large sweetspot.
It also features a Swing Weight (M.O.I.) Rating of 70, giving it an evenly balanced design for maximum swing speed.
The VRS Rating of 90 helps eliminate all sting and vibration for an extremely comfortable swing.
Flex Rating of 65, provides increased Flex through the hitting zone.
Also featured in the SV2B Fastpitch is the CNT, Carbon Nanotube technology strengthens composite structures and Patented IMX, Integrated MatriX technology, that strengthens composite structures, optimizing designs and materials for maximum performance.
With the Ultra Thin 29/32 inch handle with the Pro-Tack grip you get great comfort and easy control.