Merk: Easton
Model: 304.032
€150,00 €175,00
Excl. BTW: €123,97

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Easton has pioneered more advanced bat alloy introductions that anyone in the industry.
Now comes THT100 Alloy, superior in strength and toughness to anything else on the market. Stronger aluminum alloys are more resistant to denting. Tougher aluminum alloys are more resistant to cracking. THT100 Alloy combines 100+ ksi strength with extraordinary toughness which allows to create bats with incredibly long barrels, maximum sweet spots, lower swing weights, and faster swing speeds.
Single System Technology provides the benefits of Easton's high performance barrels with a one-piece design for increased bat control and balance.

• NEW THT100 Aluminum extended barrel for greater durability and expanded sweet spots
• Lower M.O.I. means lighter swing weight and faster swing speed
• Ultra thin 29/32’’ handle with Pro-Tack Grip
• -12.5 ultra lightweight length-to-weight ratio
• 2-1/4’’ diameter barrel