Merk: Mizuno
Model: 306.776
Excl. BTW: €293,39


The Mizuno Samurai catcher's box set includes the equipment you need to stay protected behind the plate. The kit includes the exceptional Samurai gear series including a helmet, chest protector, and shin guards. The Samurai catcher's helmet G4 features durable, lightweight construction. The ventilation system allows for breathability and air circulation that will help keep the catcher cool all game long. The frame is constructed of strong steel medal and provides maximum protection. For ultimate comfort, the breathable 3 layer EVA foam padding and adjustable jaw pad will give you a customized-feel that'll allow you to be distraction-free. The Samurai chest protector is built with high-quality materials that meet a catcher's demands. It's made with low rebound foam that is designed with a grippy surface specifically to knock down those pitches in the dirt to keep them in front of you. This NOCSAE certified chest protector has an air mesh back to keep you cool, and a dual adjustment system giving you a personal feel and comfortable fit. To keep your legs protected, this set includes the Samurai shin guards. With Mizuno's K-Pad innovation, you'll have unmatched comfort and knee protection all 9 innings as they have a triple-knee cap allowing for increased mobility and flexibility. These leg guards have stainless metal buckles and durable construction along with a super lightweight-feel allowing for maximum performance. The DryLite lining will help wick moisture to help keep you dry when the game gets hot.

Mizuno Samurai  Helmet

Strategic ventilation system for comfort and breathability.
3 Layer EVA foam padding.
Strong steel framed mask for maximum protection and durability.
Adjustable jaw pad provides moisture control and soft feel.
Meets NOCSAE standard.

Mizuno Samurai Bodyprotector

DryLite™ inner liner.
PNP- Personalized name plate - removable neck pad for personalization.
Innovative construction for durability, comfort, and very lightweight performance.
Low Rebound Technology.
Patented detachable wings for customized protection and fit.
Detachable shoulder pads.
One size fits most: Adult 16".

Mizuno Samurai Legguards

DryLite™ inner liner.
Innovative construction for durability, comfort, and very lightweight performance.
Patented detachable K-Pad for a superior fit and critical knee protection.
Flexible, protective triple knee cup.
Stainless metal buckles for durability.
Grippy DryLite™ printing reduces slipping.
Additional protection on inner shin.
Detachable/moveable tow cap.
One size fits most: Adult 16½ inch.