Merk: Wilson
Model: 307.531
Excl. BTW: €78,51

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The Wilson A800 A08RB16125 12.5 inch Baseball Glove was carefully developed to meet the needs of players who are used to making big things happen on every corner of the diamond.
From the outfield to the infield these Showtime players play an invaluable roll in a teams success and can often be the difference between winning and losing.
For a glove to be up to this kind of ability is a lofty goal but one that Wilson too on without hesitation.
The Showtime Series features a full-leather construction right down to the laces that hold it together so you can count on its durability.
The Double Palm Construction on the 12.5 inch, A800 125 model reinforces the pocket and and helps stabilize the ball once it is in the glove.
A low-profile heel has been implemented in order to create a wider surface area and increase the margin for error on tough hops and errant throws.
The single-post web is perfect for the infield or outfield and the half-moon reinforcement gives it flexibility and and firmness in the areas that need it.


·         Single Post web

·         2X Palm Low

·         Profile Heel

·         Leather Liner