Merk: Wilson
Model: 305.356
Excl. BTW: €78,51

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Wilson A800 A08RB16BM12 12 inch First Base Mitt is for those that are dedicated to bringing a little style and flare to a position that is so often bogged down by the offensive-minded, juggernauts of the game;
Wilson has developed a first basemen’s mitt that fits their all-new, A800 Showtime Series and the needs of the serious first baseman.
The key lies in the construction, which is a full leather shell held together by full leather laces each in a dark brown and blonde, a look that brings Wilson’s signature look back to it’s old school roots.
This 12 inch mitt needs virtually zero break-in time and thanks to the Double Palm Construction and Low Profile Heel, will mold to your hand and retain its shape for many seasons.
These features also double as a means to stabilize the pocket and create a wider opening for baseballs to find palm of the glove.
The single-post web used on this mitt uses a half-moon reinforcement that provides support and flexibility in the areas that get the most abuse.


·         Single Post web

·         2X Palm Low

·         Profile Heel

·         Leather Liner